wfd (ATAPI LS-120/ZIP) driver for FreeBSD

Ver 1.5

(For FreeBSD 2.2.6-RELEASE/2.2.7-RELEASE)
Sep. 5, 1998

New! : Add many functions to support zip.
Support lowlevel format.
Add wfd control program.

* Now, the wfd driver is included in FreeBSD2.2.6(7)-RELEASE and FreeBSD3.0-CURRENT. On this web page, I provide new version of it.

New wfd driver and control program

It allows to read/write following disks: See documents in archive for more details. If you find problems, report to me.


Ver 0.1 First beta version.
Ver 0.2 Support PC-98 format.
Ver 0.5 Correct probing messages.
Ver 0.6 Fix a problem, when a LS-120 drive is connected to the same IDE interface with a ATAPI CD-ROM drive, the CD-ROM drive is not probed.
Ver 1.0 Support slice.
Ver 1.1 Synchronize with the driver commited in 3.0-CURRENT. Ver 1.2 Add dsgone()
Ver 1.3 Correct probing messages of ZIP
Ver 1.5 Add ioctl to format LS-120/ZIP
Add ioctl to set/unset ZIP write/read protect
Add ioctl to get status

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